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Jessica & Will | Eloping on Top of the World

Here I sit in the back of a car heading towards Jackson Hole for a ski trip with my best friends, my camera ready to document our trip. Heading towards the beautiful mountains and looking out the window at the blur of scenery, I was reminded me of my experiences with Jessica and Will.  These two decided that getting married on top of the mountain and snowboarding down was how they wanted to capture the love and ceremony. So cool!
I love my job as it leads me to meeting couples like Jessica and Will. People who do something a little out of the ordinary for their wedding, and everyone, even the photographers, end up having a kind of experience that is unforgettable.
When the sun was getting low, Ryan and I finished up shooting and proceeded to have some après-ski time at the bar with them. What a great time! We really felt like guests at their wedding as it was just us, the couple and their good friend who married them.
We shared laughs and it felt so real and organic while I pressed the shutter to archive the moments.  I do love small weddings because I get to really get  to know the couple on an intimate level.
Thank you for trusting me and may you two climb many peaks together.
Keep it in the moment.

Venue: Big Sky ResortMontana Wedding 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_2 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_3 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_4 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_5 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_6 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_7 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_8Love these images of Jessica below, they are made even more romantic by the winter light. 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_9 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_10 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_11 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_12 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_13 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_14 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_15 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_16 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_17 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_18 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_19 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_20 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_21 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_22These final moments are some of the most real of the day. 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_23


Montana Wedding | Melissa + Chris, Big Sky Resort, MT

 September 6th and 7th 2013

What can I say about this wedding? Well first off  this wedding was a huge party with super fun people!!!

We started off the celebration by shooting the rehearsal at Buck’s T4. This was a casual setting but included some amazing BBQ food which they do so well.
The wedding day was held up at Big Sky Resort and the ceremony was a beautiful Catholic mass which took place at Big Sky Chapel.

Melissa and Chris already have a strong foundation with two amazing children, who are a big part of their lives and were also a big part of the wedding, as you can see in the images below.
After the end of the ceremony we drove around while listening to music and taking some super fun photos with the wedding party and couple.
These two are surrounded with childhood friends who are just like family, clearly showing it really was all about the entire group and not just the couple. This type of close-knit family energy made it very entertaining to document.
As we entered the reception at the Huntley Lodge up at Big Sky Resort  we danced the party away with DJ Joe  who really knows how to get everyone on the dance floor, and Melissa has some great dance moves.

Thank you from all of us at Eye in the Sky Photography, may your life be filled with many more good times with such amazing friends and family!!!

Keep it in the moment,



Here is a list of all the wonderful vendors who helped to make this day special:

Flowers: Allison Brooke Design
Photo Booth: Big Sky Photo Booth
Cake: Cakes From Cabin Ridge
DJ: Joe’s Mobile DJ Service
Held at: Big Sky Resort
Rehearsal: Bucks T-4 Restaurant

Montana Wedding | Lindsey + Cesar at Glacier Park Weddings

What a great way to spend Labor Day weekend.  On Thursday, Ryan and I packed up the van with all our gear and headed north towards Glacier National Park.  I was fortunate enough to meet up with a good high school friend along the way at Holland Lake and camp the first night.  If you have not been there, it is worth checking out.

The entire event of the weekend was held at the Great Northern Resort right outside of Glacier.

Lindsey is truly a wonderful person who grew up in Great Falls while Cesar is all heart and is surrounded with much love from his Filipino friends and family.  We were filled with unexpected surprises on the rehearsal night from the bride shotgunning beers with her high school friends to the Filipinos gifting us with their national delicacy, “Balut.”  It was a wild evening to say the least.

The wedding day went at the same pace.  Everything happened organically and without pressure or stress.  This wedding was really just all about the families and friends getting together to share their love for one another in a natural setting.  Lindsey and Cesar were so easy going it made our jobs as photojournalists a breeze and freed us to do what we do best: document the moments and energy of the day.

Every wedding has its own unique flavor and it all stems from the bride and groom and the energy they exude.  This one can be described as a laid back merging of two cultures, a personally authentic absolute blast!

Thank you Lindsey and Cesar along with all the new friends we met along the way for making this a truly memorable experience.

Keep it in the moment,



Montana Wedding | Kim + Tyler, Springhill Pavilion

Kim and Tyler’s wedding was situated at the beautiful Springhill Pavilion which is based at the foothills of the Bridger range and Ross Peak.  What a perfect day for a wedding.  As we were driving, I scoped a perfect spot to take the couple for a shoot.  It was the largest field of sunflowers that I have ever seen, and it ran as far as the eyes could see.  We ended up going there before the ceremony  and they really enjoyed the intimate time together as the school bus of guests drove by to head towards the ceremony site.
The setting looked fantastic with Genevieve Burmeister making sure all the details Kim and her mother Lois planned fell into place the day of.  The wedding was surrounded by close friends and their very amazing families.

The day was a very hot and dry with many wildfires all around the Bozeman area.  Shortly before their ceremony a small wildfire was noticed above the hill only a mile away from the Pavilion.  This gave some drama to the wedding as the helicopter was hovering over us picking up water and putting out the fire.  The fire was put out and the party really got kicked off with AJ from Joe’s DJ who created a perfect atmosphere for lots of dancing and great fun.
For the reception shots Ryan my assistant set up some off camera strobes to give a more 3-dimentional look.

We had the slideshow out on the projector by 11pm and the guests really loved sharing those moments together.  We do this slideshow at every wedding which showcases the best images that tell the story of  the day or weekend.

Thank you two for trusting Eye in the Sky Photography to document all of your moments in such an important part in your lives.

Keep it in the moment

-KeneImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageHere are all the wonderful vendors who helped make this day special:

Venue: Springhill Pavilion

Dress by : Avant Bridal

Cake by: Cake Creations

Day of Coordination: Genevieve Burmeister

DJ: Joe’s DJ

Hair: Jade Morris

Makeup: Indulgence Mt

Flowers: Country Flowers

Caterer: Custom Dining

Montana Weddings | Nina + Luke, Roy’s Barn

Luke and Nina:
These two know how to live the Montana lifestyle.  They both ski, hike, climb and play together.  They have a deep passion for the outdoors and it is what brought them together.  Their wedding was filled with good friends and family from all over the country.  Luke a native MT guy and Nina from Northern CA.

The wedding was at Roy’s barn and what an amazing cathedral that place offers at the foothills of the Bridgers.

Here was the timeline of the day, a bit off of the normal traditional timeline but it really flowed beautifully, creating an atmosphere that I think is perfect:

1pm  Getting ready
3pm.  Get all family photos and wedding party photos complete
4pm.  Lawn games, cocktail hour, people just showing up when they arrive no pressure to arrive at a certain time because the ceremony is at sunset
5:30pm  Dinner, which was La Tinga taco bar and margaritas.
6:30pm  Toast with family/friends, they have already had dinner together and shared many laughs and now they share some very intimate stories of the couple.
7:30pm  Sundown Ceremony, everyone gathered around and shared the experience together and the light on the mountains was amazing at this hour while the guest have already shared many conversations, laughs, and crying before the ceremony even began.  What this does is create more of a unified togetherness at the ceremony because of the gradual movement into the ceremony to celebrate the love of Nina and Luke.
830pm  All guest are outside watching the beautiful glowing sunset over the green rolling Montana hills while sipping on wine and tequila.
9pm  First dance and the band Dirty Shame rocking the party
10:30pm   Snack food comes out and slideshow of the wedding day that Eye in the Sky Photography shows to tell how the story unfolded.
11:30pm  Last dance  and people are blown away with the amazing wedding day!

The reason I believe this wedding timeline works so well is that it has such an organic flow just like love.  There seems to be more of a bonding experience with all of the guests playing lawn games together, cocktails, conversations, and laughs.  What this does is that by ceremony time everyone is connected on a much higher level which increases the positive energy and the experience then has a synergy feeling.
Keep it in the moment,



And here are all the awesome vendors that made this wonderful day come together.

Venue: Roy’s Barn
Florist: Rice Family
Cake: Piper Platte
Catering: La Tinga
Reception Band: The Dirty Shame

Montana Wedding | Jacque & Mark on the Gallatin River

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Thought we’d start the week off by sharing some pretty spectacular images with you.

Just a simple sweet ceremony with a few in attendance right on the Gallatin, yet there was still so much emotion and love. Kene really captured the people, the place, the light and everything that makes a Montana wedding so special.

Congratulations Jacque and Mark!


Location: San Marino Cabins, Big Sky, MT

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Montana Wedding | Kelli + Philip, Sacajawea Hotel, Three Forks, Montana


It is a great privilege in wedding photography to shoot the wedding of a friend.  While many photographers balk at the idea, we tend to think that shooting with people who are more than mere acquaintance make the normally joyous experience of shooting the “treasured day” outright euphoric.  That is precisely what happened at this wedding: euphoria while working among some incredible folk.  Amidst the the tightness of the families and relaxed atmosphere, peals laughter and the great pleasure of family unity were deeply felt at a level not experienced many other places.  Such joy!  Thanks for making it so easy to capture such a great and memorable day!



Montana Wedding Photographer

Montana Wedding Photographer

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Montana Wedding | Jessi + Zachary, Gallatin Gateway Inn

First wedding of the year and of course there was snow. That’s why we love Montana, for the unpredictable weather that always keeps us on our toes as photographers. Gallatin Gateway Inn and their team were great to work with as always. So glad we had the historic inn to work with during the rain and snow.

Congratulations Jessie and Zachary!



Montana Wedding Photographer

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Photography Tips | Move

Recently, Alexa and Seth–whose wedding Eye in the Sky Photography photographed in Paradise Valley, Montana last July–sent us this photo a guest captured during their ceremony. Pictured is Kene lying on the grass in order to change up his perspective to get the shot he was looking for. If you’ve ever been to a wedding that Kene photographed or been photographed by Kene, you know that this is typical Kene behavior. In fact, you might say this is only a mild example of Kene’s all over the place photographic style. He’ll lay on the ground, climb up a ladder or whatever else he can find (ahem, bridges along the Gallatin River), or stop traffic (of course always being safe), whatever is required for the photo he has envisioned. He might even get you to climb or go somewhere unexpected.

This is in stark contrast to a lot of wedding photographers I have seen over the years. Some sort of sit back, expecting the shots to come to them, but if you look at the work of Eye in the Sky Photography you can see a difference, and a small part of that is Kene’s constantly moving around, seeing the same thing from a different perspective.

Of course, another thing Kene is good at is remaining unobtrusive when the time calls for it. During a ceremony, Kene still manages to grab shots from all over the place, without drawing attention away from the main event.

Moving as a photographer can often provide another advantage beyond stronger shot composure. With Kene looking down at you from the top of a bridge, you’re probably thinking thoughts more along the lines of, “He’s crazy,” or “Hope he doesn’t fall,” as opposed to, “I really hate having my picture taken”. It can ease some of the discomfort many feel when put in front of a camera.

I know this sounds like an obvious point, but time and time again you see photographers—from novice to professional—that don’t move. They’re stagnant. Don’t stand still! Lay on your stomach, try a shot from the top of your stairs, even if all you have to work with is your iPhone camera, I promise moving will improve your photography.


Montana Wedding | Lauren + Jesse, September 18th, 2010

Take one look at these pictures and tell me that this couple isn’t head over heels in love with each other? I love the picture of Jesse right before he is handed his bride, Kene couldn’t have better captured Jesse’s overflowing love for his beautiful wife to be. These photos just take my breath away with their beauty and emotion.

Lauren and Jesse were married outside Livingston, Montana on a family friend’s ranch, the Heart-K. It was the perfect location for a wedding in the spirit of Montana., guests enjoyed the ceremony seated atop hay bales. Everyone worked together to pull off a beautiful wedding, with Jesse, family and friends helping to build the dance floor and stage. Angela Trudeau-Klotz designed and planned the wedding and Katalin Green was responsible for the stellar dresses. Kene and crew had a great time photographing their wedding.

Thanks Lauren and Jesse!