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Big Sky Resort Powder Opening on Thanksgiving Day of 2011

Who is getting excited to start shredding some Powder at Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin?  I am.  The mountains around here are world class and without any lift lines and plenty of powder that stays fresh for days!  Make sure to make it out here to Big Sky this winter to check out the Biggest Skiing in America.

Attached is a snowboarder Pat Donovan shredding Liberty Bowl down to Dakota Chair.  Lone Peak Tram tops you off at 11,166 feet and the run is over 3k, now the only place I know you can get that is in a helicopter.  You can check out or for more info.


Biggest Skiing in America, Big Sky Resort, Moonlight Basin


11.10.16: Negative Space in Landscape Photography

As a photographer, I hear many people create rules for imagery.  It is great to have a foundation for all of the rules of photography.  Once you have the tools, remember that you can break any rules because there is no limitation of what you can find.   With this landscape image of Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana I wanted to express the feeling of the sky and how much energy it can have around this area.  The peak is only about a 10th of the entire image, this is how I visualized it and what I wanted to express to the viewers.  Having an idea of what you are trying to say before you take the photograph is a key element of creating a great photograph!  Keep it in the moment.


Big Sky

Nature | Images of the Moon

Here are a few recent images that Kene has snapped of the moon. As you can see the moon has been up to some pretty cool stuff. Lunar eclipse, the closest it has been to the earth in 20 years. It was so close in this first picture and so bright Kene was shooting at 100 ISO. Gotta stop and appreciate the beauty of the world around us as much as possible. Live in the moment as much as possible.

Editorial Photography | December 2010 Spread in Ski Magazine

Check out this image from December’s issue of Ski Magazine shot by Kene Sperry. Great shot of Wren Hassman, daughter of Alex and Suzy, local Big Sky couple. Love the expression on Wren’s face, she’s the perfect model to represent the Big Sky mountain lifestyle.