Engagement | Ally + Andy

Not only did Ally and Andy have a beautiful backdrop for their engagement shoot with Kene, but they also have a great story together; nothing is better than the priceless moment of finally getting to be with the girl of your dreams. Ally and Andy went to high-school together and after heading separate directions in life their paths have led them back to each other. With all the twists and turns that life takes, you can just look at a story like theirs and marvel how the every day life of sitting in a high-school classroom can lead to the unexpected joy of a dream come true. Congratulations Ally and Andy!





Family Photography | Sheehan Family, Big Sky, MT

I have been photographing the Sheehan family for a few years now and it has been a pleasure watching their boys grow up.  Their boys Jack and William are some handsome guys and really just love being outside and playing with rocks and sticks.

It was great catching up and look forward to seeing these boys grow up and skiing with them.



Engagement | Gabby + Forrest

I had a great time hanging out with this amazing couple, Gabby and Forrest.
Gabby is a caring spirit who teaches English to the highschoolers in Big Fork, MT.  Her passion for teaching and working for youth is so obvious. Those kids are lucky! Forrest is a man of nature and travels the world studying and observing all types of birds. Right now he is in England at a giant bird conference.
Gabby loves England, so when Forest went ring shopping he looked for a ring that originated in England. At the Jewelry Studio he got pretty close with Scottish ring maker. They even considered getting married in England but decided on an intimate winter wedding here in Montana.
Thank you for trusting me to be your photographer, I am really looking forward December.


Love | Beth + Jason

I have known Beth and Jason for over 10 years. We met when I was new to Big Sky. These two make a great match and you can really see that they enjoy being around each other. They ended up getting married a year ago and Beth came to me to capture their newlywed love. The photo session turned out to be a beautiful day and it was fun catching up with old friends.

Many years of happiness you two!