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Photography Tips | Move

Recently, Alexa and Seth–whose wedding Eye in the Sky Photography photographed in Paradise Valley, Montana last July–sent us this photo a guest captured during their ceremony. Pictured is Kene lying on the grass in order to change up his perspective to get the shot he was looking for. If you’ve ever been to a wedding that Kene photographed or been photographed by Kene, you know that this is typical Kene behavior. In fact, you might say this is only a mild example of Kene’s all over the place photographic style. He’ll lay on the ground, climb up a ladder or whatever else he can find (ahem, bridges along the Gallatin River), or stop traffic (of course always being safe), whatever is required for the photo he has envisioned. He might even get you to climb or go somewhere unexpected.

This is in stark contrast to a lot of wedding photographers I have seen over the years. Some sort of sit back, expecting the shots to come to them, but if you look at the work of Eye in the Sky Photography you can see a difference, and a small part of that is Kene’s constantly moving around, seeing the same thing from a different perspective.

Of course, another thing Kene is good at is remaining unobtrusive when the time calls for it. During a ceremony, Kene still manages to grab shots from all over the place, without drawing attention away from the main event.

Moving as a photographer can often provide another advantage beyond stronger shot composure. With Kene looking down at you from the top of a bridge, you’re probably thinking thoughts more along the lines of, “He’s crazy,” or “Hope he doesn’t fall,” as opposed to, “I really hate having my picture taken”. It can ease some of the discomfort many feel when put in front of a camera.

I know this sounds like an obvious point, but time and time again you see photographers—from novice to professional—that don’t move. They’re stagnant. Don’t stand still! Lay on your stomach, try a shot from the top of your stairs, even if all you have to work with is your iPhone camera, I promise moving will improve your photography.