An Image Six Years Later | this is what love looks like

This is one of my Aunt’s favorite photos of her and her husband. It was captured almost six years ago by Kene at a wedding they attended as guests.

Six years and still this one image she returns to time and time again. But you can see why. Can’t you?

Imagine if this was you and your husband. Doesn’t the image just yell love? The way he looks at her and the joy on her face. This is happiness at it’s peak. The winds blowing her hair a little so that you forever know it was a quick moment captured. Her coat drapes over her just right and she is tucked in so close.

This is what love looks like.

We hope every single one of you have an image like this with the one you hold dear. If you haven’t already print it out, put it in a frame and put it somewhere you can look at everyday.





We Need Your Help: Vote for Next Year’s Ad in Montana Bride

Awesome Vega Creations out of Bozeman, Montana has come up with a collection of stellar ads for Eye in the Sky Photography to use in next year’s diamond edition of Montana Bride. We’ve narrowed it down to three, but now we need your help in making the final decision. Let us know your favorite. We need your vote!! Comment, Comment, Comment!

Thanks guys,


Montana Bride Ad # 1

Montana Bride Ad #2

Montana Bride Ad #3


Ta,dah…Eye in the Sky Photography has joined the world of blogging.

Photos aren’t meant to sit in a box or on a hard drive, they’re meant to be experienced by you, by me, by the farmer in Australia. Thank goodness for the advent of blogging; it is one of the best platforms for photographers to constantly share their work with the world. Even better we get to learn a little bit more about the guy behind the camera.

So folks, from now on this is your one stop for everything Eye in the Sky Photography and Kene Sperry related. From everything wedding and portrait focused, to photos caught in the fresh Big Sky powder, and even a few shots of Kene’s delightful little twins, Neko and Ryder.

To start you off here is one of my favorite pictures that Kene has captured lately at a wedding in Helena, Montana. You can feel the happiness and love of this couple.