Engagement | Kara + Ryan, Big Sky, MT

It’s Christmas Eve and it has started to snow slightly. It’s what everyone in Big Sky wants for Christmas each year.

Before you tuck away for the holidays with your friends and family I wanted to share Kara and Ryan’s engagement photos with you. It was such a cold cold day in Big Sky, but the coldest days here, the negative multiple degrees Fahrenheit, they are some of the prettiest.

We hope you enjoy this winter cheer. Thank you so much for such a wonderful 2012. All of you, our fans, clients, friends and family have made it an incredible year. We are very excited to continue relationships with past clients and to make new ones with our 2013 couples and families.

Merry Christmas!




Engagement | Ally + Andy

Not only did Ally and Andy have a beautiful backdrop for their engagement shoot with Kene, but they also have a great story together; nothing is better than the priceless moment of finally getting to be with the girl of your dreams. Ally and Andy went to high-school together and after heading separate directions in life their paths have led them back to each other. With all the twists and turns that life takes, you can just look at a story like theirs and marvel how the every day life of sitting in a high-school classroom can lead to the unexpected joy of a dream come true. Congratulations Ally and Andy!



Engagement | Kelsey + Brit

Kelsey and Brit have been playing around Lone Peak in the winters for a long time.  Watching these two ski is an amazing live experience.  These two love playing together, it is how they started their relationship.
When they showed up to the engagement shoot they just got back from a camping/fishing trip, which seems to be the average weekend for these two.
Keep rocking you two, I look forward to seeing all of the people you two will bring together on your wedding weekend.


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