Destination Weddings

Engagement Session I Kim + Tyler on the Gallatin River

These are some photographs from a recent engagement shoot, their names are Kim and Tyler and we sure are great match.  We really got to know each other over a beautiful sunset on the Gallatin River and some cold beers at Stacey’s Bar in Gallatin Gateway (  Thank you two for trusting me and I am so excited to see the energy you bring next summer for the wedding at the beautiful Springhill Pavilion (



Photographing the Kiss

There are some key shots at a wedding and photographing the kiss is a very important moment.  For me, it not the actual kiss that is the most important.  I like when the couple really look into each others eyes and fall into the NOW, the MOMENT.

To get the shot:

1.  Get in position and be ready

2.  Have 2 cameras with different lenses for a unique look.  With this wedding I went with a 300mm and a 14mm.  But I never really have a formula, it is all feeling.

3.  Look for the moments in between, so much is happening there.

4.  Do not be afraid to take the shot FEEL what is happening all around you, shoot from the heart!

5.  Most of all HAVE FUN!

Destination Wedding | Lindsay + Bob Preview

What a fairytale ending to a great wedding. Kene and Chad had a terrific time at Lindsay and Bob’s wedding. I love these last images of the night, Lindsay looks like a princess, and Bob her prince charming. You have to admit this could easily be a shot out of Cinderella, don’t you agree?



Destination Wedding | Kim + Chris Preview

I love this image from this past weekend’s wedding in Rowayton, Connecticut. It’s striking. It’s classic. It’s a captured moment that tells the story of her wedding day.

What do you think?


Destination Wedding Photography | New Video of Kene Sperry in Action

So we’re pretty stoked to be sharing with you a new video just posted to the website. You want to know what Kene Sperry and Eye in the Sky Photography are all about? Well, watch the video. You can see why Kene loves his job and why couples love working with him. Did I mention he’s talented too?

The video documents Kene photographing a wedding in Sonoma, California last May. Him and his assistant traveled there for the weekend to photograph the whole event, from rehearsal dinner to the last dance. My favorite part is definitely Kene climbing in the bathtub in order to get the shot because that’s just so Kene.

Ready to watch the video? Click here and we’ll take you there. The video is called “Wedding Day Following Kene Sperry…” Enjoy and make sure to let us know what you think of the video.