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As you may have noticed from Facebook, we have a new face around Eye in the sky, Ryan Day Thompson. He has joined the team as Kene’s full-time second shooter, editing and book design master and as the comic relief,  just see below. Ryan is incredibly passionate about photography especially adventure photography, check out his Facebook page to see and become a fan.

Welcome to the team Ryan!


And here’s a little straight from the source…

Hi, my name is Ryan Day Thompson.

I’m a photographer, an adventurer, a spare-time thinker, a lover of all things life, passion and beauty, husband to Amelia, and father to Cedric, my almost three year old. I started photographing in 2001, on a high school backpacking trip. The whole trip was terrible (it rained for seven days non-stop) but I took eight rolls of film. I have been more or less addicted to the image ever since and took a summer to educate at Rocky Mountain School of Photography’s SI program in 2003 (which is where I met, Kene Sperry, photographer extraordinaire and the only person I’ve ever met who apparently knows everyone everywhere).

Some things you’ll want to know about me:

– I’m passionate about photography, but more than any type, I LOVE to shoot adventurers on adventures in harsh environments interacting with the incredible world in which we live.  I’ve had some sweet clients in my first year as an adventure photog with Rock and Ice Magazine, Urban Climber Magazine, and National Geographic Books to name just a couple.
– I’m always trying to lighten a given situation. (Just ask Tori, she’s known me for a month and she’s probably exhausted by now of me trying to make every situation into a comedy.)
– I shoot film for all of my personal, portrait, and non-Eye In the Sky work. Actual, physical product, film. As in, rolls of film. I love it. Analog forces me to slow down and think about what’s happening.
– I’m obsessed with taking photos of my kid.
– I’ve photographed 80+ weddings by myself from coast to coast (I literally shot a wedding in San Diego, Daytona Beach, and Brandon, Vermont in one summer.) I love weddings, and I’m totally stoked to work with Eye in the Sky and watch our visions blend together.

See you out there!

Ryan Day Thompson