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An Image Six Years Later | this is what love looks like

This is one of my Aunt’s favorite photos of her and her husband. It was captured almost six years ago by Kene at a wedding they attended as guests.

Six years and still this one image she returns to time and time again. But you can see why. Can’t you?

Imagine if this was you and your husband. Doesn’t the image just yell love? The way he looks at her and the joy on her face. This is happiness at it’s peak. The winds blowing her hair a little so that you forever know it was a quick moment captured. Her coat drapes over her just right and she is tucked in so close.

This is what love looks like.

We hope every single one of you have an image like this with the one you hold dear. If you haven’t already print it out, put it in a frame and put it somewhere you can look at everyday.





Jessica & Will | Eloping on Top of the World

Here I sit in the back of a car heading towards Jackson Hole for a ski trip with my best friends, my camera ready to document our trip. Heading towards the beautiful mountains and looking out the window at the blur of scenery, I was reminded me of my experiences with Jessica and Will.  These two decided that getting married on top of the mountain and snowboarding down was how they wanted to capture the love and ceremony. So cool!
I love my job as it leads me to meeting couples like Jessica and Will. People who do something a little out of the ordinary for their wedding, and everyone, even the photographers, end up having a kind of experience that is unforgettable.
When the sun was getting low, Ryan and I finished up shooting and proceeded to have some après-ski time at the bar with them. What a great time! We really felt like guests at their wedding as it was just us, the couple and their good friend who married them.
We shared laughs and it felt so real and organic while I pressed the shutter to archive the moments.  I do love small weddings because I get to really get  to know the couple on an intimate level.
Thank you for trusting me and may you two climb many peaks together.
Keep it in the moment.

Venue: Big Sky ResortMontana Wedding 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_2 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_3 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_4 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_5 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_6 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_7 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_8Love these images of Jessica below, they are made even more romantic by the winter light. 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_9 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_10 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_11 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_12 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_13 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_14 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_15 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_16 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_17 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_18 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_19 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_20 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_21 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_22These final moments are some of the most real of the day. 12.12.18_JessicaWill_BLOG_23

Engagement | Ally + Andy

Not only did Ally and Andy have a beautiful backdrop for their engagement shoot with Kene, but they also have a great story together; nothing is better than the priceless moment of finally getting to be with the girl of your dreams. Ally and Andy went to high-school together and after heading separate directions in life their paths have led them back to each other. With all the twists and turns that life takes, you can just look at a story like theirs and marvel how the every day life of sitting in a high-school classroom can lead to the unexpected joy of a dream come true. Congratulations Ally and Andy!



Family Photography | Hart Family, Big Sky, MT

It’s Monday and sometimes we need a little Monday cheer. How about a family of three that is about to make four. This beautiful mother is due any day now and Kene is very excited to photograph the journey of this child’s first year. This is just the beginning folks, stay tuned for newborn shots all the way through the first birthday.

Happy Monday!


Family Photography | Olvera Family, New York

These are some of our favorite family images to date, just ask Ryan. It’s funny too because Kene was a little uncertain about them, didn’t think they were his best. After I saw how good they really were, I asked him why he wasn’t sure? He said, “Because it didn’t feel like work.”

So as you can see our jobs are pretty good–Kene got to hang out in the park with a cool family on a Sunday afternoon. This family hired Kene to be Kene. When the pressure is gone, when you are welcomed like a part of the family, when they’ve hired YOU to be YOU, instead of thinking about expectations, you get to be an artist. And these authentic captures are the result. Kene watched, engaged and captured the nuances of these children, the moments of this family and told the story of this Sunday in the park.



Family Photography | Burt Family, Connecticut

I’m very excited to be the one writing this post today instead of Kene. Why? Because Kene and his wife Adriane just welcomed their third child, Sage Doyle Sperry into the world. All are happy and healthy and home together now. Next week, I get the honor of capturing Kene’s family and it’s newest member in these first weeks together. Of course, we’ll be sharing a few shots with you too.

For today we have another wonderful family that we are sharing with you. Two years ago, Kene captured Kim and Chris’s wedding weekend in picturesque Rowayton, CT. When Kim’s good friend Ali got engaged she knew she wanted Kene to photograph her Bedford, NY wedding. Kim was so excited that Kene would be photographing Ali’s wedding and that he would be able to capture her family and it’s newest member.

Kim and I have emailed back and forth for two years now, so I sort of feel like I know her.  I love working at Eye in the Sky because the relationships with our clients continue for years.

Enjoy your Wednesday pick up with these happy family shots.



Commercial | Moxie Hair and Body

For a while now, we’ve run into Jade Morris (second from left in the group photo) at weddings a couple of times per month through the summer and worked with Vega Creations on various things (they make pretty excellent signs and logos around Bozeman, Moxie’s and ours included).  Between those two connections, Kene found himself down at Moxie’s unique mod-styled salon in Bozeman to shoot some commercial work.  I can only imgine how much fun it was to shoot and I know personally it was a blast to edit!  What a neat space and beautiful ladies!  Enjoy!

Moxie:  Facebook | Website
Vega:  Facebook | Website



A Montana Wedding | Aida & Adam, Rainbow Ranch, Big Sky

September 29, 2012

Ryan and I showed up to the Rainbow Ranch around noon Saturday and sat by the Gallatin River sipping on our lattes. The colors of Autumn were everywhere.  I love my job and sometimes it does not even feel like work when everything is in place and there is no rush.  Ryan arrived early to set up the strobes and computer; this makes my job so much more enjoyable because we just showed up and were ready to document and document the essence of the day.  Things happen much more organically and slower when you just sit back and observe and watch.  I am not a photographer who likes to force things but I also know when to steal the couple when the light is popping to get the shot.  It is a fine balance to play the “fly on the wall” but also engage at the right time.

Ryan has been a huge asset to Eye in the Sky this summer and seems to get more dialed in with the process and flow each and every wedding.  I work with the people, candids and couples primarily and he captures all of the details, creative angles and bridal portraits.

Adam and Aida’s wedding had it all; the perfect light, autumn colors, diverse cultural people from all over the world and a beautiful couple.
This was an exquisite Bosnian woman meets handsome American Ohio boy.  Aida had an exotic Eastern European look and was so easy to photograph her that I am almost certain she will be a cover bride somewhere.

These two are so blessed with loyal friends, they have this energy together to attract people to them.  I guess this is why their friends flew from all over the country and even overseas to be a part of this experience.  Truly this is what it is all about with weddings to share an experience together.

Rainbow Ranch once again hit a home-run while the Andrew Gromiller Band rocked the party keeping everyone on the dance floor the entire time.  As we packed up to leave at around 1am I looked around and captured two more images: A group of people gathering around the fire warming up while the DJ was setting up to take the party into the early morning and the couple kissing right by the barn as they watched all of their friends around the fire.

These two know how to party and celebrate LIFE that is for certain.  I am so grateful for my job and honored that they trusted me and my team to document such a monumental day.

Thank you Adam and Aida, we wish you much happiness and love in your future!!!

Keep it in the moment




A Bedford Wedding | Ali and Davey, Bedford, NY

 22 September 2012

“It feels like we stepped back in time,” said Kene.  Old stone fences lined the roadway en route to Ali and Davey’s rehearsal. Deciduous trees, softly turning shades of pale green edged with gold in tune with the season, hung low over the driveway as we entered the ethereal Ginell property.  We knew from the very moment we stepped out of the car that we were in for a treat with this wedding, and we were not disappointed, as the following day we were delighted to find more of the same romantic and cozy setting we encountered throughout this trip.  The day itself was deeply moody and moving as clouds hung low, which, in this case, only contributed to our work and set the tone for a thoughtful, joyful day of celebration.  Held on a lush three hundred and fifty acre historic parcel of land, with a lake and two hundred year old stone livestock enclosures, this wedding had it all.  Perfect details, flawless fashion, and, of course, all of the anticipation and pleasure of a tightly knit family gathering.  The guests were warm, the passion ran deep, the friendships were pleasant, conversational exchanges were rich, and the vows were memorable.  Thanks for such a fantastic day Ali and Davey!



Montana Wedding | Kate + Will, Rainbow Ranch, Big Sky, MT

What can I say other than this wedding was beautiful, it was very intimate with their closest friends and family and held at the Rainbow Ranch.
When we showed up at Kate’s parents house, Carolyn greeted as if we were family, offering us coffee and bagels.  It was such a warm environment and it was great to walk into the family’s home and be treated with immediate hospitality. I love my job and experience like that are what really drives that home. Because Kate’s family was so welcoming I was able to get to know and document their real personalities instantly.

The wedding continued to keep this vibe and what followed was an amazing ceremony on the Gallatin with a perfect Montana Fall day.  The flowers and design were done by Katalin Green and Avant Floral .  Katalin and her team did a spectacular job as always.  They transformed Rainbow Ranch into an expression of Kate and Will’s personality.

The dancing and energy at this wedding was crazy due to all of the love and the Andrew Gromiller Band.
This band has the sound of a NYC band that sells out Madison Square Garden.  Andrew’s voice is simply transendent funk that hits your soul.  Every time I hear him sing, I am speechless with his talent.

Kate and Will really had the All Star team and it showed as the night was flawless with everyone working together and great positive vibes.  Mollie at the RR knows how to keep these good vibes going no matter what happens.

Thanks you from Eye in the Sky Photography team and keep it in the moment.