A Montana Wedding | Aida & Adam, Rainbow Ranch, Big Sky

September 29, 2012

Ryan and I showed up to the Rainbow Ranch around noon Saturday and sat by the Gallatin River sipping on our lattes. The colors of Autumn were everywhere.  I love my job and sometimes it does not even feel like work when everything is in place and there is no rush.  Ryan arrived early to set up the strobes and computer; this makes my job so much more enjoyable because we just showed up and were ready to document and document the essence of the day.  Things happen much more organically and slower when you just sit back and observe and watch.  I am not a photographer who likes to force things but I also know when to steal the couple when the light is popping to get the shot.  It is a fine balance to play the “fly on the wall” but also engage at the right time.

Ryan has been a huge asset to Eye in the Sky this summer and seems to get more dialed in with the process and flow each and every wedding.  I work with the people, candids and couples primarily and he captures all of the details, creative angles and bridal portraits.

Adam and Aida’s wedding had it all; the perfect light, autumn colors, diverse cultural people from all over the world and a beautiful couple.
This was an exquisite Bosnian woman meets handsome American Ohio boy.  Aida had an exotic Eastern European look and was so easy to photograph her that I am almost certain she will be a cover bride somewhere.

These two are so blessed with loyal friends, they have this energy together to attract people to them.  I guess this is why their friends flew from all over the country and even overseas to be a part of this experience.  Truly this is what it is all about with weddings to share an experience together.

Rainbow Ranch once again hit a home-run while the Andrew Gromiller Band rocked the party keeping everyone on the dance floor the entire time.  As we packed up to leave at around 1am I looked around and captured two more images: A group of people gathering around the fire warming up while the DJ was setting up to take the party into the early morning and the couple kissing right by the barn as they watched all of their friends around the fire.

These two know how to party and celebrate LIFE that is for certain.  I am so grateful for my job and honored that they trusted me and my team to document such a monumental day.

Thank you Adam and Aida, we wish you much happiness and love in your future!!!

Keep it in the moment



2 responses

  1. adam

    we love you Kene. Aida is crying again. these shots are absolutely amazing. thank you . thank you.

    October 4, 2012 at 11:13 pm

  2. Amazingg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blessing !!

    October 5, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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