Montana Weddings | Nina + Luke, Roy’s Barn

Luke and Nina:
These two know how to live the Montana lifestyle.  They both ski, hike, climb and play together.  They have a deep passion for the outdoors and it is what brought them together.  Their wedding was filled with good friends and family from all over the country.  Luke a native MT guy and Nina from Northern CA.

The wedding was at Roy’s barn and what an amazing cathedral that place offers at the foothills of the Bridgers.

Here was the timeline of the day, a bit off of the normal traditional timeline but it really flowed beautifully, creating an atmosphere that I think is perfect:

1pm  Getting ready
3pm.  Get all family photos and wedding party photos complete
4pm.  Lawn games, cocktail hour, people just showing up when they arrive no pressure to arrive at a certain time because the ceremony is at sunset
5:30pm  Dinner, which was La Tinga taco bar and margaritas.
6:30pm  Toast with family/friends, they have already had dinner together and shared many laughs and now they share some very intimate stories of the couple.
7:30pm  Sundown Ceremony, everyone gathered around and shared the experience together and the light on the mountains was amazing at this hour while the guest have already shared many conversations, laughs, and crying before the ceremony even began.  What this does is create more of a unified togetherness at the ceremony because of the gradual movement into the ceremony to celebrate the love of Nina and Luke.
830pm  All guest are outside watching the beautiful glowing sunset over the green rolling Montana hills while sipping on wine and tequila.
9pm  First dance and the band Dirty Shame rocking the party
10:30pm   Snack food comes out and slideshow of the wedding day that Eye in the Sky Photography shows to tell how the story unfolded.
11:30pm  Last dance  and people are blown away with the amazing wedding day!

The reason I believe this wedding timeline works so well is that it has such an organic flow just like love.  There seems to be more of a bonding experience with all of the guests playing lawn games together, cocktails, conversations, and laughs.  What this does is that by ceremony time everyone is connected on a much higher level which increases the positive energy and the experience then has a synergy feeling.
Keep it in the moment,



And here are all the awesome vendors that made this wonderful day come together.

Venue: Roy’s Barn
Florist: Rice Family
Cake: Piper Platte
Catering: La Tinga
Reception Band: The Dirty Shame

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