Studio | We’re Hiring An Intern!!!!

It’s summer and that means wedding season! It is crazy around here and we decided that this would be a great opportunity to bring in an aspiring individual who wants to learn more about running a small business and photography. All ages and experience levels welcome to apply.
Contact Tori by phone or email if interested, please attach a resume if you have one. We’re looking forward to adding someone to the team!
p: 406.600.2090

**** UPDATE****

We have already seen a great response to our internship advertisement but I wanted to elaborate on what we are looking for. We spend 90% of our time at Eye in the Sky working on the business as do most successful photography studios in the US. Our intern will be directly assisting the studio manager (me) with daily tasks and other long term projects that are going to keep our clients happy and improve the way we do things. If you are interested in running your own small business, photography or other this will be invaluable experience to have.

We need a hard working, people person who can handle some of the less glamorous jobs that we as photographers do on a regular basis. The reward will be a one-on-one hands on photography session with Kene Sperry and myself, but the even bigger reward is learning whether the life of a small business owner is for you.

If you are still interested in the position, please mention why you would like to learn about business and what makes you cut out for this job when you contact me!



Photography Internship


One response

  1. We hope you find a great person that fits your quality ethic!! Please send other hopefuls our way – we are seeking a similar candidate for about 10 hours per week. Cheers to you guys!

    Tara and Matt

    June 22, 2012 at 6:50 pm

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