Commercial Photography | Chico Hot Springs

Last week, we had the privilege of spending three days at Chico Hot Springs photographing the property and the people of Chico. If you’re from south west Montana you’ve probably been to Chico at least once to soak in the hot springs. And if you are visiting to Montana consider a stop at Chico for at least a night. Delicious food in their dining room, great live music weekly, hot springs and the best part no TVs in their rooms. Yep, that’s right no TVs. Why is this so wonderful? When you see the pictures below you will understand.

Families come to Chico for a week and are surprised by the lack of TV. By the end of their stay, TV is forgotten in favor of playing with your kids outside and living in the moment.

Our three days at Chico were really unique. We’ve always spent time their photographing weddings never as guests. This time we were still working but we got to know the people of Chico. Chico is a special place to visit because it has a dedicated and kind staff like nowhere else.

Here is just a taste of the images to come. Chico will be getting a brand new website by one of our lovely couples Glaucio and Morgan and new images from Eye in the Sky.


Chico Hot SpringsChico Hot SpringsChico Hot Springs

2 responses

  1. We LOVE Chico! Mike, Eve, Tanya, Michele and the crew have been fantastic support to our small business. The photos are outstanding Tori, nicely done as usual!

    Big Sky Photo Booth

    May 24, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    • All the photos except the cowboy on the horse, credit goes to Kene. Thank you though Tara.
      Chico is definitely a great place.

      May 25, 2012 at 1:33 am

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