11.10.16: Negative Space in Landscape Photography

As a photographer, I hear many people create rules for imagery.  It is great to have a foundation for all of the rules of photography.  Once you have the tools, remember that you can break any rules because there is no limitation of what you can find.   With this landscape image of Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana I wanted to express the feeling of the sky and how much energy it can have around this area.  The peak is only about a 10th of the entire image, this is how I visualized it and what I wanted to express to the viewers.  Having an idea of what you are trying to say before you take the photograph is a key element of creating a great photograph!  Keep it in the moment.


Big Sky

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  1. Another great post Kene!

    October 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm

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