Montana Wedding | Lauren + Jesse, September 18th, 2010

Take one look at these pictures and tell me that this couple isn’t head over heels in love with each other? I love the picture of Jesse right before he is handed his bride, Kene couldn’t have better captured Jesse’s overflowing love for his beautiful wife to be. These photos just take my breath away with their beauty and emotion.

Lauren and Jesse were married outside Livingston, Montana on a family friend’s ranch, the Heart-K. It was the perfect location for a wedding in the spirit of Montana., guests enjoyed the ceremony seated atop hay bales. Everyone worked together to pull off a beautiful wedding, with Jesse, family and friends helping to build the dance floor and stage. Angela Trudeau-Klotz designed and planned the wedding and Katalin Green was responsible for the stellar dresses. Kene and crew had a great time photographing their wedding.

Thanks Lauren and Jesse!


One response

  1. robin yeakel

    Hi Kene,
    The pictures are so beautiful! We need to see more! I am looking for a christmas card picture..of all the girls, Greg and I. I would love to see the family photos. Where can I view them?
    Hope all is well with you..we are coming to Big Sky for Christmas! Hope to see you…
    my best,

    November 11, 2010 at 5:57 am

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