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Studio | Welcome to the New Studio

You’re looking at the new Eye in the Sky Photography Gallery. It might not look like much now, but come early December you’ll see our spiffy, brand spanking new studio and gallery space. We took over the Hiking in Heels place in the West Fork Plaza of Big Sky, Montana.  Of course we’ll be throwing a little shindig to celebrate the launch of the gallery, I’ll keep you informed. But first we need some fresh paint, a bit of furniture and other odds and ends to turn this empty space into more of a home.

Pretty exciting stuff, eh?


Montana Wedding | Lauren + Jesse, September 18th, 2010

Take one look at these pictures and tell me that this couple isn’t head over heels in love with each other? I love the picture of Jesse right before he is handed his bride, Kene couldn’t have better captured Jesse’s overflowing love for his beautiful wife to be. These photos just take my breath away with their beauty and emotion.

Lauren and Jesse were married outside Livingston, Montana on a family friend’s ranch, the Heart-K. It was the perfect location for a wedding in the spirit of Montana., guests enjoyed the ceremony seated atop hay bales. Everyone worked together to pull off a beautiful wedding, with Jesse, family and friends helping to build the dance floor and stage. Angela Trudeau-Klotz designed and planned the wedding and Katalin Green was responsible for the stellar dresses. Kene and crew had a great time photographing their wedding.

Thanks Lauren and Jesse!


Destination Wedding Photography | New Video of Kene Sperry in Action

So we’re pretty stoked to be sharing with you a new video just posted to the website. You want to know what Kene Sperry and Eye in the Sky Photography are all about? Well, watch the video. You can see why Kene loves his job and why couples love working with him. Did I mention he’s talented too?

The video documents Kene photographing a wedding in Sonoma, California last May. Him and his assistant traveled there for the weekend to photograph the whole event, from rehearsal dinner to the last dance. My favorite part is definitely Kene climbing in the bathtub in order to get the shot because that’s just so Kene.

Ready to watch the video? Click here and we’ll take you there. The video is called “Wedding Day Following Kene Sperry…” Enjoy and make sure to let us know what you think of the video.


Personal | Driving back from Seattle…

The family and I went to Seattle in August to photograph the Senior PGA Boeing Classic and visit family. Had a great time and on our journey home captured some great shots of kids and beautiful Montana. Check them out.


Ta,dah…Eye in the Sky Photography has joined the world of blogging.

Photos aren’t meant to sit in a box or on a hard drive, they’re meant to be experienced by you, by me, by the farmer in Australia. Thank goodness for the advent of blogging; it is one of the best platforms for photographers to constantly share their work with the world. Even better we get to learn a little bit more about the guy behind the camera.

So folks, from now on this is your one stop for everything Eye in the Sky Photography and Kene Sperry related. From everything wedding and portrait focused, to photos caught in the fresh Big Sky powder, and even a few shots of Kene’s delightful little twins, Neko and Ryder.

To start you off here is one of my favorite pictures that Kene has captured lately at a wedding in Helena, Montana. You can feel the happiness and love of this couple.